Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Sara is a self-taught fibre artist, designer, and multifaceted creative living and working in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, where the northern landscape of her childhood continues to influence her art practice. 

Sara’s work in fibre is uniquely informed by her scholarly background in the visual and liberal arts: she is currently a PhD Candidate in Art History at McGill University in Montréal, and holds both an MA in the History of Art, Design, & Visual Culture (2010) as well as a Bachelor of Humanities (2007). Craving a more visceral, handcrafted experience, she established forestière in the Ottawa Valley in 2013 with the idea of creating a unique collection of jewellery that could not only be worn, but also appreciated and respected as works of art, before moving her studio to the west coast in 2017.

I love the intimate process of working with natural fibres. They have memory and resiliency, they develop character with age, they require care, and they guide me through the process of making as much as I guide them—it is almost as if they are living. The way they interact and move with the body is part of the magic of designing and making fibre-based jewellery.
— Sara K. MacLellan



forestière is the feminine form of the French forestier, meaning both n. forester, a person who works in and cares for the forest, or adj. forest, in the sense of “of the forest.” Our design sensibility and philosophy are derived from the natural world, which in Canada is largely defined by our expansive forest regions. We feel a great responsibility to the land we call home and are committed to low-impact, environmentally conscious techniques and processes, incorporating sustainability and integrity as core values guiding everything that we do. Invoking a timeless, artful expression, forestière speaks to an ethos that extends beyond style or trends to our way of living in the world.


Our philosophy is simple. We believe in a thoughtful, honest approach to design—one that celebrates timelessness, good craftsmanship, artisan handiwork, quality materials, and ethical and environmental responsibility. We believe that the art and objects that a person chooses for their life should be a reflection of these kinds of values and aim to encourage a mindful approach to buying by creating beautifully-crafted quality pieces that have timeless appeal, unrestrained by trends or seasons. We design for a customer who believes that the comfort, beauty, and design of the accessories they wear have real power to affect the way they feel and move through the world, and who seeks a personal connection to their purchases, favouring sustainably made products with stories behind them and that contain a palpable sense of their maker.