PETITE Tassel Fob

PETITE Tassel Fob


A smaller, softer version of our classic Silk Tassel Fob, the Petite Tassel Fob is the optimal size for carrying your keys in style, clipping to a belt loop, or adorning a pouch or clutch. Each tassel is handcrafted from cotton-like silk yarn dyed with persimmon tannin or a variegated cotton yarn hand dyed with sumi ink in a total of four colorways: red earth, mossy oak, persimmon, or ash.  

Hand dyeing with persimmon tannin (Kakishibu) is a traditional Japanese technique that produces a range of rich wood-toned hues that darken with age, unless washed. Sumizome, or ink-dyeing, is a method of dyeing cotton yarn with sumi ink, which is made from the soot of pine branches and is traditionally used in calligraphy and ink painting. 

Made to order in our British Columbia studio and ships within 7-14 days.

DIMENSIONS | Total length measures approx. 5 1/4” (13cm), including 3 1/4” (8cm) tassel.

MATERIALS | Silk yarn dyed with persimmon tannin (red earth, mossy oak, and persimmon) or cotton yarn dyed with sumi ink (ash), heavy brass snap, brass split ring.

CARE | To keep tassels looking fresh, gently comb every once in awhile with any clean fine-tooth comb. 

PLEASE NOTE | Each piece is individually handmade and may vary slightly from the images shown. Please allow for subtle variations of natural materials and dyes. 

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