Product Care

Every piece of forestière jewellery is thoughtfully designed and intricately handcrafted. Follow these general guidelines to ensure your jewellery will stay beautiful.


One of the things we love about working with natural fibres is their character—they have memory and develop a life of their own as a result of continued wear. Fibres will soften and change over time. To keep cotton or silk tassels looking fresh, gently comb them every once in awhile with any clean fine-tooth comb. It is best to store our fibre-based jewellery out of direct sunlight and protected from the elements. Always apply beauty products before putting on your jewellery.

Sometimes stains can occur as a result of everyday wear or spillages. We recommend spot cleaning natural fibres with a mild detergent or small amount of pH neutral soap and water to remove stains. Our favourite product to use is Eucalan, a no-rinse delicate wash that is non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate-free, pH neutral, and enriched with lanolin to help condition fibres. However, we advise that you wash any naturally-dyed fibres with caution and care, as it may change the appearance of the natural dye. Because most of our yarns are dyed with living colour pigments, their colour will be affected by drastic changes in pH or with the addition of chemicals. 


Brass, an alloy of copper and tin traditionally used in jewellery making, oxidizes naturally, giving it an aged look over time. If you prefer the gold-like appearance of brass, you can easily clean and polish it to a high shine with common household products like lemon juice, ketchup, or toothpaste. However, use care when cleaning the brass or metal components of your jewellery to avoid letting the cleaning agent come into contact with the fibres. 

To preserve the quality of non-tarnishing 14K gold-fill and restore its original lustre, simply clean gold components with warm water and mild soap to remove dirt and oils.