Style Bee: Canadian Responsible Shopping Guide

My goal for this list was not to simply mash together every Canadian maker, brand or designer... but rather to compile a comprehensive list of the ones I consider to be setting the bar high in terms of beautiful design, excellent craftsmanship....
— Lee Vosburgh, Style Bee

My favourite Canadian style blogger, Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee, has thoughtfully compiled a list of the best spots to shop responsibly in Canada—both directly from independent clothing, accessories, skincare, and homeware brands as well as from shops that carry independent brands and promote ethical fashion with an emphasis on Made-in-Canada.

Lee's eye for personal style, design, and craftsmanship is impeccable (simply peruse her Instagram gallery for proof). She has a way of curating and writing about fashion and design that feels wonderfully down-to-earth, honest, and understated, while at the same time focused and refined. Her minimal, timeless aesthetic and love for easy silhouettes in earthy tones and natural fibres always has me screaming, "YES!" She is also committed to mindful consumption and responsibly-made goods, encouraging her readers to shop thoughtfully and with careful consideration about every purchase they make. This is why I am so honoured to be included in her Canadian Responsible Shopping Guide, alongside so many other inspiring makers for whom I have enduring love and respect—Amanda Moss, Sonja Link, Fortnight, Korinne VaderOdeyalo, Good Night Day, Bookhou, The Stowe, Hendrik Lou, Wildcraft, Province Apothecary, Speck + Stone, YYY, and Jenny Rijke, to name a few. 

The independent designer and maker community in Canada often feels so small (which, at the same time, is what makes it incredibly close knit), but it is also bursting at the seams with talented designers who are committed to doing things right—ethically, sustainably, and responsibly with a penchant for quality materials, good craftsmanship, and the details that distinguish handmade and small-batch goods from their mass produced counterparts. I am proud to count myself among this ever-growing group and happily join Lee in celebrating responsibly and ethically Canadian-made design.

View Style Bee's full Canadian Responsible Shopping Guide here.