I am not what I am, I am what I do with my hands.
— Louise Bourgeois



Rooted in the northern landscape and a desire to cultivate a mindful lifestyle, forestière is a small collection of fibre-based jewellery and art objects designed by Sara K. MacLellan. Carefully crafting each piece by hand in our Vancouver-based studio with a focus on sustainability, we strive for the highest quality in both our details and materials, using natural fibres, plant-based colours, wood, and ceramics with minimal hardware. Allowing the materials we work with to guide us, our goal is to make beautifully crafted objects that connect us to the natural world while also offering a fresh, modern aesthetic. 

All collections are produced in small quantities on a non-seasonal, ongoing basis throughout the year. 


Our studio practice is characterized by an organic, ethical approach to jewellery and art making that emphasizes sustainable design and responsibly sourced materials in an effort to minimize waste and environmental impact. We design and craft each piece in the forestière collection in-house with great care and attention to detail, combining modern and traditional textile techniques such as braiding, rope making, hand wrapping, knotting, weaving, and natural dyeing, and using only the highest quality natural fibres. Guided by an interest in materiality, composition, and slow design, our process embraces experimentation, improvisation, and natural imperfection. With every piece of jewellery that we design, we endeavour to create an item that will be cherished as much as it is worn, allowing the beauty of our materials and craftsmanship to shine through. Produced in small batches, all designs are limited edition or one-of-a-kind.